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Founder of ZHEN BIJOUX
Our story

ZHEN BIJOUX was founded in 2022 in Paris. As a French fashion jewellery brand, ZHEN BIJOUX specializes in contemporary design pearl jewellery for everyday wear and occasions. All jewellery is handmade in France with cultured pearls.


As an ode to the natural, unique qualities of each pearl, each creation is infused with originality and inspired by our designer’s passions. Each piece of jewellery celebrates natural beauty with a fun, avant-garde, and fashionable edge, it's individual and special as the person who wears it.


The brand name ZHEN BIJOUX comes from our creator, Zhen Paquereau, who is originally from China. In Chinese, ZHEN means both treasure and pearls (ZHEN ZHU珍珠).


ZHEN BIJOUX was born in Paris, and the city’s style continues to be one of the brand’s greatest influences. To that Parisian style, Zhen brings her own international experiences and spirit as she bridges western and eastern culture in these premium jewellery collections.


Our Inspirations and creations 

Inspired by eiffel tower , we created Earrings effie

Earrings effie

 'Eiffel Twin Towers II' by Grégory Herpe (2023)

louvre museum

Inspired by louvre museum, we created Earrings Tina

Earrings Tina

Inspired by the wild flowers daisy, we created

Earrings Daisy

Daisy earrings

Our profound adoration for the city of Paris has served as a boundless source of inspiration, inspiring us to create an extensive range of jewellery that pays homage to its unparalleled charm and allure. Drawing from the enchanting elements of this magnificent city, our creations capture the essence of its architectural marvels, captivating landscapes, and timeless elegance.

Nature, in all its breathtaking glory, has always been our eternal muse. The awe-inspiring beauty of leaves, wildflowers, and grass serves as the foundation for our collections, as we seek to encapsulate the organic essence of the natural world. Meticulously handcrafted using exquisite freshwater pearls, our jewellery embodies the inherent grace and purity found in these precious gems.
Each piece serves as a tangible reminder of the inherent beauty that surrounds us, encapsulating the essence of nature's splendor in wearable art.

Earrings Jumia
Earrings Grace
Earrings Mimosa
Earrings Caroline
Our Main Materials:
Freshwater Pearls: A Unique and Beautiful Gemstone

Pearls have long been considered an elegant and sophisticated accessory, there are two types of pearls, freshwater pearls and saltwater pearls. Saltwater pearls are grown in oysters in the sea, freshwater pearls are grown in mussels in rivers, lakes, and ponds.

One of the most fascinating things about freshwater pearls is the variety of colors they come in, besides the classic white and cream colours, they can also be found from peach and pink to lavender and even black.The color of a freshwater pearl is determinated by the type of mussel it was grown in and the water conditions where it was raised.

In addition to the stunning array of colors, freshwater pearls also come in a wide range of shapes, such as round, oval, tear-drop,and even irregular shapes. No two freshwater pearls are exactly alike, which makes them a truly unique and special gemstone.

At ZHEN BIJOUX, we celebrate these natural imperfections that make each freshwater pearl so special. Our collection features a range of freshwater pearls in a variety of colours and shapes. We create stunning pieces that highlight the natural beauty of each pearl-whether it’s a delicate pendant necklace or a bold statement bracelet.

Other Materials:
14k gold filled brass and gold-plated brass

Gold-plated brass is affordable and can form large chunks of metal giving a more fantastic look, but it doesn't last as long as gold filled brass.
Gold filled brass is water resistant and will last for many years because of the thick gold on the surface of the brass core, thus it's also more expensive.
For this reason, we use gold-plated brass for occasional jewellery and gold filled brass for everyday wear jewellery.

From a pearl to a pearl jewellery!
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