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How to choose your first pearl necklace?

Updated: Feb 21

Customer: I'd like to buy my first pearl necklace, but I'm not sure which one would suit me best.

Zhen Bijoux: Is this pearl necklace for everyday wear or for occasional wear?

Customer: I want something elegant that I can wear every day, but not too much.

Zhen Bijoux: In that case, we recommend the following 4 necklaces.

The first necklace is made of a tiny pearl, the chain is gold filled and water-resistant, when you wear this necklace you can hardly see the pearl but when someone is next to you then this pearl is more visible, it's like a tiny diamond.

The second, this necklace is more classic, the pearl is a little bigger but still a small pearl, which is more visible from a distance but not too much.

The third, this pearl necklace is made up of a full strand of pearls, but the size of the pearls is very small, from 3 to 3.5 mm, which gives it a very discreet style, and you can wear it with another longer necklace with pendant to create a different look.

The last necklace we recommend is the one with a full strand of 4-4.5mm pearls, it's a little bigger than the previous one, but it's still a thin necklace, and it's more affordable than the third pearl necklace.

Customer: Thanks for your advice, I'll choose this one.


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